Broken Link Checker Tool

The ultimate broken link checker tool

Broken links are annoying. Seeing a 404 drives away users fast. Think back to the last time you saw a 404 message; the irritation they induce isn't what you want your website users to feel.

Research by Deep Cognition shows that 92% of Fortune 500 sites suffer from broken links, in fact 43% have more than 100. Most worryingly 13% of all pages in Fortune 500 sites have at least one broken link. It isn't an exaggeration to say that broken links are the biggest problem on the web and that a good broken link checker tool is essential for every website owner.

DeepTrawl solves the problem of broken links by checking every link on every page of your site with a single click. There's really nothing for you to do. Just sit back, relax and let DeepTrawl do it's work.

Broken links are displayed in a way that's already familiar; right under the page they were found on, much like a search engine. Fixing them is also really easy. You can click 'View in editor' to see them right in your html to fix right away, or to provide context when you're working with a system like Wordpress, Drupal or another CMS.

A great broken link checker tool needs to find links that are broken in multiple different ways. DeepTrawl excels at this. It finds http error codes (e.g. 404), unreachable servers, malformed urls, timeouts & missing anchors / bookmarks.

Besides hyperlinks, DeepTrawl also checks all your other links, such as images, iframes, js links, css links, fonts etc. using the image and dependency checks.


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