Change Log

   - Fixed bug contacting sites using SSL with SNI

   - Fixed bug with dtx automatic archive
   - Fixed bug whereby some SSL certificates weren't accepted
   - Now ignoring data URLs in CSS font imports
   - Added cross platform file dialog option
   - Turned Turbo mode on by default
   - Upgraded to Java 1.8
   - Now shipping JVM with Mac installer

   - Turned Turbo mode off by default
   - Deprecated Keyword SEO feature

   - Added line numbers to output in errors tabs
   - Added line numbers in editor
   - Added option to make threads wait between requests (Settings > Advanced Settings > Spider)

   - New html validator (checks html 5, xhtml & html 4.01)
   - Css validation (incl. css 3) for inline, external & internal style sheets
   - Keyword SEO feature checks a page is optimized for each keyword in list (incl. 10 on page SEO checks)
   - Html export now configurable with user branding
   - Html export enhanced with html 5, error line numbers, check icons, pagination links
   - Dependancy check; checks links to: css, js, fonts, iframes & meta-refresh urls
   - Checks css background images
   - Social security number check
   - Check for old copyright messages
   - Check analytics code present on every page
   - Filters enhanced to optionally hide other errors
   - Filters enhanced to allow filtering on url
   - User checks now work on both html & css
   - Last modified check enhanced with several new options for date ranges
   - New L&F with better integrations for all Mac / Windows OS's
   - Cross platform closable / reorderable tabs
   - Reports now include useful check specific icons
   - Improved encoding handling in local files (user selectable / overridden from file hints)
   - Crawling of meta-refresh links
   - Spell checking option to ignore single letter words
   - New font setting in editor (now fixed width by default)
   - Enhanced url parsing / decoding

   - Bug fixed whereby very large values for max csv file size setting could lead to infinite loop on export

   - Bug fixed whereby very large Profiles lists would extend off screen

   - CLI invocation support (use deeptrawl -trawlProfileName yourProfileName)
   - CSV export can now be paginated by max. file size (see Settings > Advanced Settings > Other tab)
   - Fixed bug which caused spelling error false positives for html entities in attributes

   - Enhanced cookie handling incl. expiration support, proper subdomain handling (excludes OSX 10.4 / 10.5)
   - Firefox Form Action Capture bug fixed (would display raw html in newer versions of Firefox)
   - Form Action editor now clears cookies after Test Form Submission
   - Image validation now ignores data: urls
   - Link / image protocols with slashes in wrong direction now flagged as malformed
   - New unverifiable url protocols (e.g. gtalk: & ymsgr:) now ignored in link validator
   - Link / image validators now report http 410 codes as errors by default

   - Now allows mismatched SSL cert / domain when "Trust all SSL certs" selected

   - Spell checker now allows right single quote / apostrophe literals & entities in contractions
   - Disabled anchor check in Link Validator by default
   - Reduced default cache sizes to 5,000 items (increases stability in a small minority of sites)

   - New Per Site Proxy feature - allows proxy settings to be applied to certain urls only

   - New Quick Start screen makes basic settings easier;
   - Fixed bug %20 bug for local images.

   - New option to accept any SSL certificate, without checking;
   - Added option to suppress save warning on timer start after html / csv archive;
   - Sending of Referer filed now optional;
   - Cookies turned off by default;
   - Non 404 http error codes now ignored by default;
   - Fixed Cookie handling bug (Now respects '.' domain notation).

   - Profiles allow all trawl related settings to be saved in different files;
   - Trawl results can be saved in dtx format & re-loaded;
   - Timers now target profiles for increased settings flexibility;
   - DeepTrawl now runs in the system tray when timers are waiting (excludes OSX 10.4 / 10.5);
   - Trawl speed improved for some sites with large amounts of html;
   - Regular expression support for user created check types;
   - Scope settings can now be changed inline;
   - Mac Look & Feel and OS integration massively improved.

   - Allow setting for user-agent string;
   - Implemented extra support for multiple encoding's (utf-8 / utf-16 etc.).

   - Vista / XP / Mac (Leopard) support;
   - Spell Checking;
   - Validation against the w3c xhtml dtds;
   - Ability to view problems highlighted in the web browser as well as in the built in (x)html editor;
   - Easy to use Form Action Capture feature to use form data to log in etc. (& cookie support);
   - Re-checking of problems from within the editor;
   - FTP in the editor;
   - Automatic tidying of (x)html markup & checking for untidy pages;
   - New Look & Feel + many other UI enhancements;
   - Massive speed improvement especially for large sites;
   - Result filtering (User can add extra results tabs).

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DeepTrawl v3.9 works with all v3.x license keys.

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Download v2.1

DeepTrawl v2.1 works with all v2.x & v1.x license keys.

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