Check links the easy way - let DeepTrawl link check your site

Tools to perform a link check can leave a lot to be desired. Some tools will only check links in a single page at a time, forcing you to test every page in your site one-by-one.

DeepTrawl is different, it crawls each page if your site checking all the links in each one. This means you can perform a link check on an entire website with a single click.

Shown below, DeepTrawl's errors tab is extremely good at showing the results of your link check in an easy to read, actionable manner.

Link check results

Some link checkers simply give you a table of all the broken links, which isn't helpful when you want to fix them. In DeepTrawl every page containing one or more broken links is listed in a clear manner, just like the results from a search engine. But why would you check links if you didn't want to fix the broken ones? That's why we provided a built in html editor...

Shown below, DeepTrawl's integrated html editor highlights the broken links directly in your html. Once you edit the links the editor can re-check all the links in the page to make sure your changes have been successful and all the broken links are gone.

After you check links, the editor makes it easy to fix them

DeepTrawl also has many other useful features, such as html validation, css validation & spell checking.


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