Html Validator

html validator

An html validator makes sure your code is correct and adheres to standards. The W3C have provided an extensive list of the compelling reasons why using html validation is essential for a great web site.

These reasons include:
Debugging; Make sure your site works with all the browsers by eradicating mistakes.
Future-proofing; just looking in the browser doesn't guarantee your site will work tomorrow, future browsers may treat mistakes differently.
Easier maintenance; allow others to easily read and maintain your code. Ensure it makes sense when you work on it again in the future.

Most validators only check one page at a time, but some structural site changes mean you should validate every page all over again. This is a process humans shouldn't have to go through. You should be creating a great site - not feeding the validator.

DeepTrawl takes html validation to the next level. It checks every single page on your site with one click, showing the errors page by page.

We integrated a validator developed by the W3C so it's written by world experts. In fact DeepTrawl uses the very same html validator the W3C uses to validate html 5. Along with html 5, DeepTrawl can validate xhtml & html 4.01. It even detects what type of html is being used by each page in case you're mixing flavors.

As with DeepTrawl's other checks the results are shown page by page so you always know exactly where the errors are. You can also select 'View in html' to bring up the exact cause of the error.


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