The most powerful link checker Mac OSX can run

The best link checker Mac OSX can run

The link checker software market for Mac OSX is thin on the ground compared to Windows. Luckily you don't need to miss out. DeepTrawl, the leading link checker for windows is also available for the Mac.

Does DeepTrawl for Mac OSX have all the same features as the PC version? Yes. The Mac version of DeepTrawl is identical to the PC version. In fact if you choose to buy DeepTrawl you can use your license with both your Mac and PC. Updates for both versions of DeepTrawl are always released simultaneously to ensure both Mac & PC users have access to the latest features we're developing.

Just like in Windows, DeepTrawl shows you each broken link in every page of your site:

Link checker Max OSX

The checks tab allows you to control which checks DeepTrawl
applies to your site (link checking, html & css validation, spell checking & much more):

The integrated html editor allows you to view errors in context and make quick changes to html files:

There are many reasons DeepTrawl is the link checker Mac OSX users turn to. A big one is our easy to use interface.
You already know how to use DeepTrawl. Everything is easy, right from choosing the checks to fixing each error.
No complicated setup. Just enter your site’s address, choose your checks and click go.

“Although the options are sophisticated, it's the app's
speed and simplicity that impress us most.”

- Jolie O'Dell,

“Simple, fast, and thorough, DeepTrawl is a powerful tool”

- Ian Harac, PC World.

“A worthy adversary for solving on-site issues.”

- Russ Jones,


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