Find missing images

Find missing images everywhere in your site

Having missing images adversely affects your site. The page loses content & the layout may be adversely affected.

Of all the checks DeepTrawl performs, this is one of the most frequent to find unexpected errors. For example, perhaps you copied in a style sheet and forgot to bring it's referenced images?

Without this check simple website refactoring such as moving or deleting an image is difficult because you may not know which pages are using each image.

Along with finding broken links and dependencies, DeepTrawl checks every image in your site. It makes sure there are no http error codes (e.g. 404), unreachable servers, malformed urls or timeouts.

DeepTrawl doesn't simply check the <img> tags. It also checks images in <object> tags and the background images in all your css (inline, external and internal style sheets). Just like all the other checks, DeepTrawl shows your missing images page by page, so you can see exactly where they are in your site. You can even view them directly in your html code by clicking 'View in editor'.

Finds missing images in:


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