Scan website content & html

DeepTrawl allows you to scan website code for multiple issues

When you scan website content, html & css there's a lot of different things you might want to find. Our product scans website pages (or 'trawls' as we call it) looking for many different issues.

Ultimately you can scan website code for pretty much anything you want using basic search terms or regular expressions. We'll talk more about that later, but for now here's a rundown of some of the errors DeepTrawl can find in your site:

Adding your own checks

As well as the 17 different checks DeepTrawl can perform out of the box, you can add your own using the Search html & css feature. This allows you to enter simple search terms or regular expressions which will be used to scan website html and css files throughout your site. For example you could search for html fragments you no longer want to use or references to employees who have left your organization.

It's really easy to setup these checks, you pretty much just need to enter your search terms as shown below. Once your done DeepTrawl will show you a list of every page that matches, along with any other errors you've configured it to find.


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