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DeepTrawl - the comprehensive website spell checker

To spell check website content you need to make sure you're checking every page in the site all at once. There are a few good reasons for this...

1) Manually checking one page at a time is laborious. To do a thorough check might take hours and let's face it; dedicating an afternoon to spell check website content isn't most people's idea of fun.

2) Even when the job is done, new content will be added forcing you to do undertake this annoying task again.

3) It's best to check every page at once with one consistent critical eye on any mistakes. If you have several people checking inconsistencies could creep in. What if person A decides to spell check website pages in US English and person B uses Canadian or UK English?

That's why our website quality tool, DeepTrawl, is designed to check all the pages in your site with a single click.

DeepTrawl spell checks each page, whether they're flat html files or dynamically generated. It will apply the same US / UK / Canadian and user dictionary to all of your pages to check the spelling throughout your site is consistent and excellent.

In the screenshot below, DeepTrawl has scanned our entire website and found all of the spelling mistakes in every page, including the 'hidden' parts of the html such as the meta-tags.

Results after DeepTrawl us run to spell check website content

The results are shown just like the results from a search engine. Each page with an error is listed in turn with all the spelling errors underneath. Words can be added to the dictionary from this screen and the spellings can be corrected using the built in html editor.

Now you can spell check website content more thoroughly and faster than ever!


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