Check editor

The check editor allows you to add user-defined checks. This enables you to search for errors unique to your pages. For example you could enter an out-of-date phone number or the name of a deleted product line to find all mentions of these on your website. You can also search all of your html and css for elements you wish to change, e.g. colors from an old color scheme.

Defining a new check type can be as simple as using a web search engine, except that search terms are found in any part of your HTML, not just the visible text . Any file where the search terms are found will be listed as having an error. You can also use the power of regular expressions if you choose.

To add a new check; Select Settings > Add a new check from the menu.



If selected this check is in use. This can also be changed from the Checks tab.

Check file types

Select what types of files you'd like to be checked, either html & css, html only or css only

Check type

If Basic Boolean is selected you should enter Search Terms in the format described in the Basic boolean search terms topic.

If Regular Expression is selected you should enter Search Terms using regular expressions. A complete definition of the working of regular expressions is beyond the scope of this help (they can be complex but are extremely powerful). There are some excellent books and online resources for learning regular expressions such as this one.

Search Terms

If the search terms match a page or css file DeepTrawl will show an error for that file.

What type of search terms you should enter depends on the Check type setting. See above.


This is the title of the check which will be used both in the Checks tab and in the Errors tab.

Checks tab description

The short description of the check to be placed under the title in the Checks tab.


Keep notes on this check here.