HTTP Basic authentication manager

Use the Basic authentication manager window to add passwords for pop-up password boxes.

If DeepTrawl does not have the correct password for a page, the error shows up as a dead link, indicating a 401 error.

The Password Protection Manager only accesses pages which require "Basic Authentication". For logging into a website using a form, create a Form Action.

  1. Select Settings, Basic Authentication Manager
  2. Do any of the following
    1. Select entries to remove, then click Delete selected.
    2. Click Add to open a window enabling you to add entries.


[ ] (Selection box)

When this is selected, clicking Delete selected deletes the entry.

Part/full URL

The password applies to this full or partial URL.


A full URL might be something like: If the password applies to the entire website, enter:

Username & Password

Standard login details used for the pop-up.