Basic boolean search terms

This topic describes how to create basic boolean search terms for the Check editor and other DeepTrawl windows.

Where basic search terms are required you can enter a number of words, phrases or series of characters to look for in an HTML page. The interpretation of the terms is designed to work in a very similar way to most popular web search engines. For example, if you enter...

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

...any page containing all of the words would be a match. You can use the following special search operators:


Use AND to indicate that both words must be present. For example...

The AND quick AND brown AND fox AND jumped AND over AND the AND lazy AND dog

...would return any page with all these terms, regardless of in what order they were found.

DeepTrawl assumes an AND where no search operator is used. For example, William Marshal has the same effect as William AND Marshal.

Quotes (")

Use double quotes (") to find a series of words (or any characters for that matter) in the precise order given. In the following example the page will only be a match if the words appear exactly as they were entered in the query:

"the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"

You can also use several sets of quotes if the page must include several pieces of text:

"the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" AND "Grammar lesson"


Use OR between words or sets of quotes to specify that at least one of the pair must be present. For example...

food OR eat

...returns any page containing "food", or "eat" or both terms.

A chain of ORs indicates that only one of the terms must be present, e.g.

food OR eat OR  culinary OR "recipe book"


NOT can be used to only match pages where a word, phrase or series of characters is not present, for example...

hotel NOT "hotel california"

...looks for "hotel" but ignores it if it is part of the phrase "hotel california". You can substitute a minus sign ("-") if preferred:

hotel -"hotel california"

Other notes