Check analytics code installed

Checks that each page has analytics code (allows code from many popular services).


Many analytics services (such as Google Analytics) require that each page of your site has a snippet of JavaScript added which is used to track access to that page. This creates a problem: how do you know that you've added analytics code to every page of your site? It's very easy to miss some leaving pages and visits untracked.

DeepTrawl checks that each page has a snippet of unique code from at least one of the major analytics services within <script> tags.

Configuring this check

Select the Settings link next to the check in the Checks tab or select: Settings > Check settings > Check analytics code installed.

The settings dialog has a list of unique snippets of code from the major analytics providers, one per line. If none of these snippets is found inside <script> tags an error will be shown for the page.

You can add to this list if your service isn't supported. You simply need to examine some example tracking code and find some unique text in it, then enter this text into the dialog on a new line.

You can also remove entries if you believe they're causing false negatives. We've worked hard to find unique snippets which shouldn't be found in other types of script tags but can't guarantee this won't happen. If you want to be sure you won't get false negatives you can remove the snippets for all the services except the one you use.

Know of a popular analytics service we don't support by default? Please let us know.