Check spelling

Checks all relevant text in each webpage for spelling mistakes in either UK, USA or Canadian English.


There are several approaches you can take for fixing an error:

Configuring this check

Select the Settings link next to the check in the Checks tab or select: Settings > Check settings > Check spelling

User Dictionary

Allows you to enter new words into DeepTrawls user dictionary, so that they will no longer be treated as spelling mistakes. Words should be entered one per line.

Check text in IMG ALT tags

Check image alt text.

Check text Description Meta-Tags

Check text from each page's description meta tag (if any).

Check text Keywords Meta-Tags

Check text from each page's keywords meta tag (if any).

Skip words beginning with upper case character

Skip words which begin with an upper case letter, commonly used to skip names.

Skip words with an unusual mix of upper/lower case characters

Skips words like 'MyCompanyName'.

Skip words which contain digits

Skip words like '1and1'.

Skip words containing no alphabetic characters

Skip words like '123-456'.

Skip domains names/URLs/e-mail addresses etc.

Skip words which appear to be domain names, URLs or e-mail addresses, e.g., or

Skip single letter words

Skip single letters, useful for skipping letters used outside of prose in the html.