Edit Form Action window

The Form Action window enables you to configure DeepTrawl to automatically complete web-based forms as if it were an ordinary human user. After a successful "Form Action", DeepTrawl continues to trawl the page(s) returned by the web server.

For reviewing and maintaining the list of Form Actions, see Form Action Manager window.

You can tell when a form action was used to download a particular page because DeepTrawl puts an "Edit Form Action" link next to its URL. This is useful, for example, when checking secured content, and for confirming that forms work as expected.



Deselect to disable this Form Action for future trawls


A meaningful name for this Form Action.

Form Page URL

The URL of the page containing the form. This will already be supplied if you used the "Add Form Action" link.

Capture Form Data button

This button makes DeepTrawl temporarily act as a web server and launch the form page in a web browser.

Enter the information DeepTrawl will use when it submits the form, then submit the form as normal. DeepTrawl intercepts the form data and displays a green tick to indicate that it has done this successfully.

Test Form Submission button

This button enables you to test captured data. DeepTrawl downloads the form page then submit the form. The resulting page returned by the web server appears in your default browser.

Edit Details button

This button displays the details captured from forms so you can review and manually edit them. If you are familiar with the use of the HTTP protocol and web forms you may wish to use this method of entry instead of the Capture Form Data button.

Put Form Action in queue when form page is trawled

Perform this Form Action at an arbitrary time in the trawl after the Form Page URL has been trawled.

Perform this Form Action before trawl starts

When trawling a specific site, perform this Form Action before any other pages are trawled. This may be useful if you are only interested in seeing the pages of a website from the point of view of a logged-in user.

Start Page URL for the trawl: This webpage triggers the form action.

Trawl form page first: Download the form page first, thus avoiding errors caused by some web server setups.

Add logout URL to Skip URLs list

Opens the Advanced Settings Skip URLs tab so that you can add the logout URL to the ignore list. This prevents DeepTrawl from accidentally logging out of a website.