Filter tabs

Filter tabs allow you to see only a subset of the files or errors in your site. For example you can drill down to only see certain types of errors or choose to only see files whose URLs match a patter you enter.

To create a filter tab select View > Create Filtered Errors Tab from the menu.


Filter by error type

This option allows you to select one or more check types. Only errors from the selected check types will be shown and only files which have at least one of these errors will be shown.

Hide other error types in this tab

By default all error types not selected above will be hidden in the tab. If this option is de-selected the tab will still only show files which have one or more of the selected error types but the file's other errors will be shown also.

Filter by url

Enter a full or part url. Only files whose URLs contain that text will be shown in this filter tab. This option can be used independently from the error filtering options so you can create a filter tab showing all errors, but only the files you're interested in. This is useful for example when you want to give a subset of the results to a colleague to fix.