Html export branding window

Use the html export branding window to set colors / logo etc. for html exports. These are stored in the profiles so you can vary the style between projects if you wish.

Note: All the style information is embedded in html export files. Your logo and the icons are encoded into the html files using image data urls. This makes html exports extremely portable; you don't need to worry about sending image / css files along with your html exports.


Branding enabled

Enables your own branding, if de-selected DeepTrawl's default branding will be used.


This is the main (H1) title shown at the top of export files.

Header & footer text color

The foreground color for the header and footer text (including the title, site url etc.).

Shadow color

The color of the 1 pixel show below the header and footer text.

Header & footer background

The color used in the background of the header and footer areas.

Logo / Browse

Click to select a logo in png or jpg formats. The logo will be automatically resized for use in the export headers. Transparent png's are recommended.

Bevel color 1 / 2

These colors are used to form a bevel line separating the header and footer. For the header bevel color 1 is used first then bevel color 2. For the footer this is reversed.

Navigation enabled

If selected every page will have navigation (forwards / backwards links), useful for paginated exports.

Errors description text enabled / Errors Description

Here you can enter paragraphs of text describing the contents of the report. This text will only appear at the top of page 1 (the first export file) of the Errors tab export.

This is especially useful when sending exported results to clients.

Description color

The text color for the above two description texts.

Body background

The background color for the main part of the html export pages.