Interface tab

The Interface tab enables you to control your DeepTrawl user experience.


Automatically switch between tabs

By default, when a trawl is started, DeepTrawl automatically switches to the All Pages tab. When the first problem is found, the Problems tab displays.Turn off this option to disable this feature.

Beep when attention is needed

Disabling this prevents DeepTrawl from making alert sounds.

Results per page

How many results to list on each tab.

Hide similar problems if there are more than x

How DeepTrawl rolls up similar problems into the same list entry. If more the x problems are generated by a particular check-type, only the first x will be shown, and a link provided to reveal the rest.

Selectively hide problem options

When selected, this hides the individual options for each problem listed in the Errors tab and Filter tabs. The options appear when you click the "Options >>" link.

Show bold 'Add Form Action' link when login form detected

DeepTrawl will always show an "Add Form Action" link for every page which contains a compatible form. When this check box is selected, the link indicates if the form is likely to be a login form.