Quick start guide

This section gets you up and running with DeepTrawl.

Using DeepTrawl is very much like using a search engine in a web browser - except that DeepTrawl has industrial strength tools for zeroing in on just the sorts of website issues you need to find. It takes moments to configure and run DeepTrawl to check your site.

Decide what errors to trawl for

DeepTrawl offers a huge range of checks, each monitoring for a particular issue, whether technical or content related.

Before starting a trawl, you need to select which Checks to use. Do this using the Checks tab of the main screen (displays automatically when you open DeepTrawl):

Enter your site address

DeepTrawl crawls HTML pages both on the web, and stored locally on your hard drive. Tell DeepTrawl where to start by using the site address box:

Start the trawl

Click the start button & DeepTrawl will set to work following all the links in your site and checking every file:

View errors

After a little while DeepTrawl will start showing all the errors in your site:

Highlight errors in the html / css

When you click Options, View in editor DeepTrawl shows you errors highlighted in your files ready to be fixed.