Save as / export

Use the Save Wizard to save / export the results of the most recent trawl.

You can also set up automatic export of results.

  1. Select Results, Save as / export. The wizard opens.
  2. Complete the settings (below) then click OK.

Settings - Save as / export wizard screen (1/2)

Save as dtx file / Export as web page (HTML) / Export as a spreadsheet (CSV)

How you wish to view your exported results.

Select Save as dtx file to save the file in DeepTrawl's native format. Otherwise, select html for a web browser, or csv  for a spreadsheet.

Csv / html exported files may be split into pages if they become too large. These export file pages are saved with the page number in (brackets) at the end of the filename.

Settings - Save as / export wizard screen (2/2)

If you selected Save as dtx file above, then this step is missed, you'll only be asked to enter a filename.

Export list of all pages & css files

Save a copy of the complete list of all pages & css files found in the trawl.

Export list of all pages & css files with errors

Export the complete list of errors found for all pages & css in the trawl.

Export filtered results to the same directory

Export the results contained in any filter tabs you have created.

Filtered results will be exported to the same directory as the errors export. The exported filter files will have the name you gave to the tab.