Settings menu

The Settings menu enables you to specify how DeepTrawl operates.


Open the Scope window to specify the default setting for local or remote web pages.

Click to turn turbo mode [on / off]

Toggles turbo mode off/on. When turbo mode is on trawls will be faster (30 threads are used), when it's off less bandwidth will be used (5 threads are used). See Advanced Settings, Spider tab for more fine grained control.

Add a new check

Open the Check Editor window in order to create a new check.

Check Settings

Open one of the available checks for configuration.

Html Export branding

Opens the html export branding window, allowing you to style the export html.

Form Action Manager

Open the Form Action Manager window in order to specify how DeepTrawl completes forms.

Basic Authentication Manager

Open the Basic Authentication Manager window in order to enter passwords giving access to the web pages.

Ignore Manager

Open the Ignore Manager window. This enables you to manage the list of errors and files that you have previously instructed DeepTrawl to ignore.

Email Alert

Toggle the email alert on and off, or open the alert settings window in order to specify the email address for sending alerts.

Automatic archive

Toggle the automatic export feature on and off, or open the settings wizard in order to specify how DeepTrawl does this.

Proxy settings

Open the proxy settings window in order to configure your proxy server.

Advanced Settings

Open the Advanced Settings window.