Validate css

Checks  adherence to css 3, 2 or 1 standards in inline, external and internal style sheets.


Css validation is important for several reasons:

The css validation engine DeepTrawl uses is provided by the w3c, therefore it gives a very high level of accuracy, having been implemented by experts in the field.

DeepTrawl makes css validation much easier by allowing 'all at once' validation. The inline and internal style sheets of every page are checked and external style sheets are listed separately the Errors tab.


Because the DeepTrawl css validator is based on industry standards a lot the the errors it produces can be searched for online to find a resolution. For example:

For the above error you can perform a search online for 'css float top'  to immediately find out that 'top' is not a valid value for 'float' and get recommendations for css that will work.

Configuring this check

Select the Settings link next to the check in the Checks tab or select: Settings > Check settings > Validate css

Css Type

Allows you to select which generation of css you're using. For example, if you want to adhere to the latest standards you can leave css 3 enabled, but some older browsers don't support some of the properties in css 3. To maintain compatibility with older browsers (generally Internet Explorer 8 & before) you could change the value to css 2.


Allows you to change what level of warnings will be included in the Errors tab. 'normal' is generally enough.