Website spell checker

DeepTrawl - the comprehensive website spell checker

Spell checking all of your website content can be a laborious process especially if you have some static handwritten html content and some generated dynamically by server side scripts.

DeepTrawl is an easy to use website spell checker which takes the pain out of ensuring all the spelling on a site is correct by checking all the spelling on every page against it's full US, UK & Canadian English dictionaries.

DeepTrawl does the spell check, link check and every other type of check in a single pass, saving a lot of time compared to single-purpose tools.

Our website spell checker even checks often overlooked areas of text such as titles, description meta-tags and image alt texts.

Using DeepTrawl to spell check website content has a huge advantage over traditional methods such as the spell checker in Dreamweaver. DeepTrawl checks all the content in each page including static html, text generated by server side code and user submitted content.

When spelling mistakes are found DeepTrawl makes it very easy to fix them. They can be highlighted in your web browser or in the integrated html editor, ready to be fixed.


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