Whole site spell checker

Spell checking all of your website content can be a laborious process especially if you have some static handwritten html content and some generated dynamically by server side scripts.

Even if your entire site runs on a CMS, that doesn't guarantee all the spelling is correct; did you make sure you checked the spelling in your page titles & descriptions? That's one more reason you need DeepTrawl. With a click it checks every word on every page, including often overlooked texts like your image alt's.

Even Google's own Matt Cutts took the time to emphasize the importance of thorough spell checking. By delegating this laborious task to DeepTrawl you can save yourself the frustration of checking every page or just not knowing where the errors are.

There's even more to this check, it also supports US, UK and Canadian dictionaries. Say you have a site for a US audience but some text was written by someone in the UK. Just switch the dictionary to US and re-check it all to make sure the dictionary is always consistent.

DeepTrawl also has a user dictionary so when you see an industry specific word you can add it to the dictionary & it won't be flagged on other pages.


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